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Hello & Welcome to Andrea's Innovative Interiors!   

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Decorating Philosophy

Decorating is more than what meets the eye! While it is fun coordinating colors and patterns, it's also important that a room is functional and meets the needs of those who use it. Our ReDecorating Consultations are a truly collaborative and informative experience. We listen to your needs and help define the priorities for your space. As we go through the room together you'll learn how to make the most of your space and avoid making common design mistakes. A well-designed room works with any style, size, and purpose whether it be for entertaining guests, family activities, storage solutions, or a peaceful retreat.

Many people would never think they could hire an interior decorator. They assume decorators are either too expensive, will make them get rid of everything they own, or will be pushed into a style that's not comfortable for them. That's why we break up our design process into smaller, more affordable, design services. We believe that using what you already own and love makes a space truly unique and meaningful. And we emphasize our collaborative design approach that incorporates you.

We feel everyone should love where they live and have access to good design services. Take a look at our menu of services to see how we can innovate your place!