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So a quick update about last week's project: I got the cabinets! Two 96inch cabinets are laying in our storage room waiting to be installed. First a few small things need to be done, such as moving electrical outlets and switches out of the way. But after that and some prep work we should be ready! So excited!

Barn doors + Cabinets = Something like below 

Sometimes it just takes some creative thinking to solve a custom problem. If you have an older house then I'd bet there are plenty of opportunities to create a unique feature in your home. And if you have a new home, sometimes you need to add custom features to make it feel more like home and less "builder grade." In either case I thought I'd show a few ideas of how to to add some finishing touches to really bring a room together!


Fireplaces are the focal point of a room so it's natural to want to build around them. TV over the fireplace, next to the fireplace, and shelving all around - just look at the details of these built-ins. If you want them to feel like built-ins paint them a nice glossy white to match the trim. If you want them to feel like furniture, leave them natural wood or a darker contrast.






A classic way to add storage to a room, and looks great in an office, study, or family room. This first one takes advantage of a tall ceiling by using a rolling ladder - function & fun! 



Who doesn't love to curl up in the sun and take a nap or read a book. Not only is it great for relaxing but also saves the space of having a seat or bench in front of a window. 



You can add a little grandeour to your bathrooms too!


Trim Work

Trim work, moldings, casings, wainscoting, rails, there are so many options! Framing out areas in your home with intricate details helps add a custom feeling. I especially love the subtle ceiling color of this first picture. 




And of course what room doesn't benefit from a more efficient storage solution? You could leave open shelving or have it closed off and out of view. And the last picture is called a "built in niche" and takes advantage of recessed storage in the depth of the walls, while leaving the front finished so it keeps the look of a freestanding piece!

So what do you think? Does the idea of a built-in intimidate you? I hope these ideas have inspired you towards more custom solutions!

Happy November....


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Reader Comments (2)

Some beautiful inspiration! I desperately want to get a proper window seat, I always think they look so pretty!

April 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPatent Lawyer

Thank you for reading! Yes I agree, window seats can really add so much to a room!

April 4, 2014 | Registered CommenterAndrea Valle

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