ICFF 2014 Favorites

I enjoyed yet another year at ICFF (Interrnational Contemporary Furniture Fair) checking out all the new products & concepts! There is always so much to share after going to a show like this, and I have several follow up posts planned. I'd like to start with a few of my favorites though. I think I appreciate most of these for their unique take on a concept or just the whimsy of the idea. So here is product round up numero uno!

1- Jewel Encrusted Sinks

Aren't these all beauties?? You would almost never even know a sink was there. Like this shell one below.

Check out their website for more exquisite sinks & drains

2- Minimal Light "Switch"

Aren't these awesome? I haven't seen such a minimal, or abstract looking lightswitch and I'm loving these by PLH Italia. 

Thank you whoever at the show helped me understand the magic! 

Lots more to see on their website, including a light up option for the dark. Check them out! PLH Italia, Neo light switches.  

3- Cowhide "Carpet"

Aren't these great? If you can't see the statement on the bottom it reads "A domestic trophy for the new suburban colonist". I saw this towards the end of the show so I was practically running through the isles, but I was happy to spot this designer to say that his humor was not lost on me! 

You can link to his website here, although it's just a landing page at this point. I'm curious to check back though!

4- Living Walls

While I've seen plenty of living walls before I really liked the unique boxes and framing they created. It makes the smaller pieces seem like a piece of collectible art, and I could see using these to add a pop of greenery into people's homes.  Benefit: it's already preserved so no need for water, dirt, or sunlight!

The commercial applications for a living wall are pretty amazing too. You can really create a lush atmosphere that requires no maintenance. Like this full wall below. 

You can see more examples of their work at

5- Brush Walls

And I've never seen this before either! Very interesting concept, and I'd like to see it on other applications like an auto body shop or men's barber. Could you imagine a nice "stache" carved in the bristles? That'd be hilarious and awesome. Also could have applications where you don't want people touching walls or certain surfaces... or maybe in a gym somehow? The applications could be interesting! You can learn more from their website

In Summary...

So what'd you think of the new and novel? Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the ICFF! Have a great weekend. 


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