Layers of Lighting

Well hello there! I would consider this post more of a PSA (public service announcement). I love sharing easy design & decorating tips for people to implement in their homes, so here's one about lighting. 

Lighting is so important for many reasons including: reading, walking, hobbies, and safety. It affects your mood and circadian rhythms. And did you know that your need for light changes as you age? That's why it's always good to reassess your room and make sure the lighting suits your needs. 

So here are a few types of lighting to consider when you are evaluating the lighting in your home: 

1- Ambient lighting

This is the rooms overall brightness coming from a main light source. This can be achieved from several floor & table lamps, overhead lighting, or any combination of them.  

One single table lamp in the corner

(image source)


Layers of lighting from the chandelier and table lamps throughout the room

(image source)


2- Task lighting

This is very important for being able to see things you are working on, without the interference of shadows. A few places this is important is in the kitchen, when putting on makeup, and reading. 

There are no lights over the worksurfaces or sink areas. There is only a few recessed lights, creating shadows on each surface.

(image source) 


There is undercabinet lighting to light the countertops, pendants over the island, well placed recessed lighting, and lighting over the sink area.



3- Accent lighting

This is a great way to accent a special feature in the room such as artwork, sculpture, a textured accent wall or fireplace, or an architectural feature or detailed ceiling. By adding an extra light source onto this item it helps accentuate it's features. 


This is a missed opportunity to highlight that large format art behind the sofa.



Lighting near the walls highlight both the artwork and texture of the walls, plus accent lights aiming at the skylights above and highlighting the stair treads 



If you inherit accent lighting don't ignore the space! Make sure to fill it with some really cool artwork!  



4- Natural lighting

And don't forget to harness as much natural light as possible! Keep your windows clean and draw the blinds and shades away to let in maximum lighting. 



I hope this gives you a few ideas to implement in your home. Lighting can be especially important during these long winter months with shortened daylight. But you can still make your home bright and cheery anytime of the day or night. 


Your partner in design,

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