Would you like to ReDecorate a room in your home or office?
Will you be entertaining during the holidays?
Are you thinking about selling your home?

We provide professional decorating services that transform your space into the perfect place for you to live or work. And we use those same skills to get your house market-ready.

Our design process is broken up into manageable segments so you can have as much or as little design help as needed.  This customizable approach enables interior decorating to become accessible and affordable to everyone no matter their budget. 

Our process typically starts with a ReDecorating Consultation to create a strong foundation for the room. We educate you about your space and enable you to make smart and savvy decorating decisions going forward. After each consultation we'll give you a written design plan that details everything you need to complete your new room redesign. From there we offer additional options for shopping, installation, and other specialty services.

For more information on each service take a look at the menu options on the side. Innovative Interiors serves northern New Jersey and surrounding areas, with additional online decorating and travel services available. Contact us for a price card and to schedule a consultation!